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26.04.2009mms 1.1.1 released

Today a minor bugfix release for 1.1.0 was released. In this we fixed around 20 bugs. read more

08.03.2009mms 1.1.0 final released

The final version of mms-1.1.0 has been released. This version contains 67 bugfixes compared to rc9 and has many translation updates. Upgrading is highly recommended.read more

14.12.2008mms 1.1.0 rc9 released

I forgot to announce rc8 here on this page, but here goes rc9. rc9 changes the default audio player to xine, adds a bunch of last.fm features and search to EPG. Finally it adds a huge amount of bugfixes. Upgrading is highly recommended.read more

22.07.2008mms 1.1.0 rc7 released

rc7 brings many big new features to mms including: Clock support in notification area, zoom selection interface that is resolution independant, the ability to use multiple inputs, VDR integration in Electronic Program Guide and many bugfixes. read more

03.05.2008mms 1.1.0 rc6 released

A new version of mms 1.1.0 has been released. Changes include amon other things added VBOX support, better startmenu selector and new weather plugin. And 3 pyglets: File manager, youtube and apple trailer pyglets will now be installed by default. Furthermore a number of bugs have been fixed.read more

30.03.2008My Media System 1.1.0 rc5 released

I'm pleased to announce another release candidate. New in this release is notification area with clock, ffmpeg based thumbnailer (much faster) and simple finger scrolling support when using touch input. There is also a large number of bugfixes as usual so upgrading is highly recommended. Worth mentioning is that a lot of bugs related to the python plugin has been fixed, search performance has improved dramaticaly.read more

28.02.2008mms 1.1.0 rc4 released

New release candidate out with many bugfixes. Among them imdb fixes, ofdb fixes, many search fixes, better lyrics support. Upgrading is recommended.read more

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