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My Media System ...is MMS
The dog-friendly media system

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07.02.2008mms 1.1.0 rc3 released

rc2 had a bad bug that caused MMS to not work for users upgrading from rc1 and for new users. rc3 is out now to fix that.read more

07.02.2008mms 1.1.0 rc2 released

A new release candidate has seen the light of day. Highlights of this release include weather plugin, vsync option added to opengl output plugin, random slideshow functionality in pictures, improved lyrics support and lots of bugs fixed. The release is still marked as unstable since there's a number of critical bugs open in the database but if you're adventurous give it a try.read more

16.12.2007mms 1.1.0 rc1 released

Santa is early this year and brings you the first release candidate of the next major version of MMS. Highlights of the new release includes, improved search, opengl output with fancy transition animations, python support and plugins. You can here read a lengthy description of what is new.read more

20.08.2007My Media System released

Use external ncurses instead of bundled termcap library. Use external ffmpeg library if available. New font from the Red Hat liberation font package, 11 bugs fixed and some updated translations.read more

07.06.2007My Media System released

A new bugfix release for the stable version of MMS. This release contains 15 bugfixes and has no changes to config files so upgrading should be very easy.read more

01.04.2007My Media System released

Italien translation added and about 20 bugs fixed.read more

08.03.2007My Media System released

New default theme written from scratch. Better radio support and tons of bugfixes.read more

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