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23.12.2006My Media System released

Mostly a bugfix release for 1.0.8. Performance and usability improvements are the biggest improvements.read more

29.10.2006My Media System 1.0.8 released

Mpeg Menu System changed name to My Media System in this release. New improvements include game support and TV viewing.read more

14.08.2006mmsv2 1.0.8 rc2 released

Hot in the heels of rc1 comes rc2 with 11 bugfixes and a new play now feature. Complete Changelog, Download and signature. read more

11.08.2006MMS in the press

A page has been created to keep track of articles about MMS either in physical magazines or online.read more

21.07.2006New wiki page

For the new release we have been working on a new wiki page that will help especially new users get started. Are you completely new to mms then read this to understand why it's so great :) The wiki has lots of installation guides and tips such as integrating it with VDR (en, de) for a recording TV.read more

21.07.2006mmsv2 1.0.8 rc1 released

A new release of mmsv2 has been completed. This version is a release candidate since so much has changed since the last release. This doesn't mean that the version is untested. The tree has been frozen for the last month, where only bugfixes and updated translation have been allowed. Furthermore it has been tested continuesly the last four months. The release has a lot of new features such as picture zooming and picture previews. Futhermore it has a lot of bugfixes. I would especially like to thank Andreas Saur and Roman M├╝llenschl├Ąder for making this the best release yet. Complete Changelog, Download and signature. read more

19.03.2006mmsv2 1.0.7 released

1.0.7 features a new user-friendly graphical audio interface. Massive performance improvements (up to twice as fast in common cases) and a couple of bugfixes. Complete Changelog, Download and signature. read more

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