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13.02.2006mmsv2 released is a bugfix release to fix the crash problem found in 1.0.6 when entering the radio station screen. Complete Changelog, Download and signature.read more

08.02.2006mmsv2 1.0.6 released

A new release is ready with four new features: automatic radio station downloading by Fredrik Wikström, gapless audio playback, background picture thumbnail extraction and easier to use menues. Furthermore a lot of bugs has been fixed. Upgrading is highly recommended. Complete Changelog, Download and signature. read more

15.12.2005Official forum, wiki and bug database now up and running

I'm pleased to announce that mmsv2 now has an official forum, wiki and bug database. Thanks a lot to Julian Flake for hosting them.read more

29.11.2005mmsv2 1.0.5 released

mmsv2 1.0.5 has been released. It has been a little more than two months since the last release which is a testament to the current stability. In addition to fixing bugs, widescreen support for dxr3 and dvb has been added and a replay/benchmark framework has been also been added. And finally the biggest change, we have a new theme contributed by Yann (Esprit). You can see the new theme here. Upgrading is highly recommended. Complete Changelog, Download and signature. read more

30.09.2005New very slick theme

Yann has provided us with a very nice new theme. Be sure to check if out if you like eye-candy.read more

23.09.2005mmsv2 1.0.4 released

A new release of mmsv2 is ready. About 30 bugs has been fixed since last release a month ago, making it about 1 bugfix per day thanks to the testers on the mailinglist. This also makes 1.0.4 one of the most thoroughly tested releases of mmsv2. The release also adds support for widescreen and background audio metadata extraction. Complete Changelog, Download and signature. read more

15.09.2005New and updated themes

In the download section you will now be able to find an updated version of the nuvola theme that works with the latest 1.0.3 together with a brand new theme from Roman Müllenschläder.read more

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